How are Compounding Pharmacies Different?

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If you were born in the early sixties, you might have taken a red colored liquid when you fell ill. Doctors, on many occasions, have to prescribe a combination of several medicines, in specific weights per medicine, to cure a specific ailment. This could create problems in treating patients, especially if they forgot the types of drugs and their weight (in milligrams) to take several times a day. The doctor depended on a compounder to mix specific parts of each medicine prescribed, grind them to a powder, and mix them with syrup and water in a bottle. Armed with this formula, the patient only had to take one teaspoonful or two of the mixture, as prescribed by the doctor at specific times of the day. You will be surprised to know that you can still get such formulations from compounding pharmacies.

How Do Compounding Pharmacies Differ?

When you feel sick, you visit the doctor. After testing you thoroughly, he or she prescribes medicines that will help cure your ailment. You can purchase those medicines from a local or from an online pharmacy. You do not have to depend on pharmacies for mixing different medicines as most major medicine manufacturing companies already make medicines that have several ingredients in them. For example, specific medicines used for treatment of iron deficiency anemia and other types of anemia consist of tablets that consist of a mixture of ferrous ascorbate (100 mg) and folic acid (1.4 mg) per tablet. However, this will not solve your problem if the doctor prescribes a mixture containing 50 mg of ferrous ascorbate with 1.5 mg of folic acid. In such a situation, you need assistance from the compounder, an individual working in a compounding pharmacy, whose job requires mixing various proportions of several medicines to create a specific formula.

Custom Made

Compounding pharmacies can also prepare special formulations based on your medical condition, weight, and height. They can prepare the formula in liquid, powder, and ointment form. The powder form is the best for providing medicine to kids as you can easily mix the same in their favorite drink or food without them being aware about it.

Laws Regarding Compounding Pharmacies

Sections 503A and 503B are major new laws relevant to the compounding of medicines. Keeping these facts in mind a pharmaceutical store that manufactures compounded ingredients or substances, need to understand what they are and how they apply to their operation. In such a situation, seeking the help of pharmacy lawyers ensures that your pharmaceutical store is acting in accordance of the law. A brief online search will provide you with information of such pharmacies located close to you. However, not all of them provide the same quality of services that others do. Therefore, you should always get your compounded drug from the best compounding pharmacy.

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